Battle Creek Area - Other Support Services

Other Support Services

S.A.F.E. Place

Domestic Abuse Victim Services

Existing services remain available for domestic violence/abuse victims: Emergency Shelter, Legal Advocacy, Counseling, Survivor Advocacy


S.A.F.E. Place Website

Secretary of State (SoS)

Get your SoS late fees waived!

Schedule appointment with Secretary of State: 888-SOS-MICH


By Phone:
M,T,H,F: 9am-5pm;

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10th District Court

All Landlord and Tenant Cases are adjourned for a minimum of 28 days

All landlord/Tenant Cases (hearings for non-payment/termination of tenancy) scheduled for Monday, March 16, 2020 are adjourned for a minimum of 28 days. New notice will sent to all parties.

(269) 969-6530

M-F: 8am-4pm


Conduct Remote Meetings with Google Meet

If you need to meet with people online, Google Meet might suit your needs nicely.

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